Belen Cubela, March 2019

"The teacher is amazing! my daughter enjoys a lot with her lessons"

Pauline Quinn, February 2019

"I have been a student of Orlando Molina's for the past year and have benefitted hugely from his enthusiasm, deep knowledge and skilful guidance. I could not recommend him as a teacher highly enough and know I can rely on his expertise and patience to help me progress further each lesson"

William Barry Wilkinson, February 2019

Hi everybody, I’m a mature student with Orlando. I started playing guitar around 9 months ago, I learned some chords and bits of songs but, kind of hit a wall. I contacted Orlando for lessons and, haven’t looked back. My playing and understanding of the guitar has come on leaps and bounds and, I really look forward to each lesson. Thanks for all the help and support

Daniel Byrne, February 2019

Orlando! I love your music and I've learned so much from you: lessons, playing in the chancery and your gigs are like a master class. I've been playing and learning guitar for about 30 years and I've mainly focussed on flamenco guitar. I studied with Orlando for a couple of months and I periodically go back for a class. The classes studied guitar in a Cuban/Latin style. Orlando's classes really helped harmonically and rhythmically with my playing. I've got mad love for you!"

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